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You can’t stop CNBLUE right now. The rockstars dropped their latest music video last night @ 12:00 AM KST.  I have no idea at all about the song and music video like I haven’t checked any teaser for this comeback. What I only know is they’ll return this month even though Girl’s Generation and 2NE1 is said to make a comeback too. But hey, CNBLUE is right here ready enough to join and win the battle!

CNBLUE is back with a different vibe this time. Yonghwa’s soulful voice stands out the most! Jungshin and Jonghyun is up for a new look! Minhyuk for the first time took the center-front stage among his members. All the boys looked so clean and fresh that suits this type of music. But what I love most is the music video itself. It was neatly done and full of artistry. Salute to the creative team for setting up a unique and imaginative project. :>

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How can I keep calm if my baby fandoms are in one awards night and grabbing too many awards at Gaon today? They even all performed on stage!

EXO won Popularity Award and grabbed the 3rd and 4th quarter for the Album of the Year Award. XOXO and Miracles in December accordingly. They ended the music award with their performance of Wolf and Growl. And OMG! EXO sang Wolf live! You know I’m the proudest when EXO performs live on stage like they don’t lip sync! \M/ Chyeah for that EXO! :)

2NE1 on the other hand received The World Hallyu Star Award. Apparently, Missing You nor Do You Love Me nor Falling In love didn’t receive any digital award. :/ How can it be possible right? Like we all know that Missing You was an all kill when it was released and 2NE1 even won lots of awards for that. Huuuu Anyway, at least they received an international recognition from Gaon this year. :”> Well done ladies! :)

Pam pam pam! BAP is here again! \O/ World Rookie Award goes to no other than BAP! I’m not really familiar with this award but who cares? There’s the word WORLD and ROOKIE on it so it means it’s an international recognition. BAP grabbed two freaking awards for today! They got their first win at Show Champion and here’s another award that gives meaning to their hard work. :) Ooh. The boys performed One Shot live! What to expect? BAP killed it, of course! :>

Well, I died so many times today. From BAP’s first win to Gaon Awards Winners, my heart is definitely dead tired for all the feels I received today. Thank God for reviving me though. :)

Cheers to all the winners at Gaon Awards today! \O/ Every artist deserves the award/s they received. Well done idols! Hard work has been paid off. :>

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You know what I’m saying?

You know what I’m saying?

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BAP @ Show Champion [021214]

Today has been a great day for BAP and Babyz all around the world! BAP won their first win at Show Champion and let’s not forget that they had performed not just one but three songs on stage. Two songs came from their full length album, First Sensibility and the other song was a special performance by Himchan, Daehyun and Youngjae. To those who wants to watch and rewatch their epic performances today, here’s a compilation:

With You

Unlike their performance of With You on Music Bank, this one is a longer version but still not the whole song.

1004 (Angel)

The stage looks so effin’ great with the angel’s wings, a huge BAP at the center plus the halo above them.

Baby Baby (Himchan, Daehyun & Youngjae)

Finally! TS let Himchan showcased one of his talents. Gaaa~ We all know that Himchan can play various kinds of instruments and piano is one of those. Daehyun and Youngjae without any doubts sang Baby Baby very well. This timeless piece is still on the rock up to this date.

Winning Cut + Encore

And so after a long time, BAP owned that encore stage! Chukahae BAP!/throwsconfetti/

But honestly, the reaction I was expecting from these boys when they receive their first win is the opposite to what they actually did. I was imagining all six of them to cry but not a single member shed tears on stage. What the heck! Hahaha I was thinking that they’ll go crazier during the encore but look at them. Anyway, what’s more important is they got their first freaking win today! I’m so damn proud of my boys! Congratulations again BAP! :)

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Today, February 12, 2014, BAP made history. Two years after they debut, they won their first award in one of Korea’s music shows, Show Champion. No words can describe how proud I am for this achievement of my aliens. The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally come. Congrats BAP! This is just about the start boys. Let’s all look forward to more wins in the future. Fighting BAP! You all deserve to win! :>


Today, February 12, 2014, BAP made history. Two years after they debut, they won their first award in one of Korea’s music shows, Show Champion. No words can describe how proud I am for this achievement of my aliens. The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally come. Congrats BAP! This is just about the start boys. Let’s all look forward to more wins in the future. Fighting BAP! You all deserve to win! :>

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Zhang Yixing, My Only Exception

Earlier today tlist has been flooded with everyone’s admiration to one of my biases, Zhang Yixing. I searched for the cause of the commotion and the first thing I read was when he asked fansite masters to not release his photos at Incheon Airport so his fans at China would not know and gather at the airport because he wanted them to just stay at their homes and not be stranded and missed the celebration of Chinese New Year with their families. I was literally crying reading how unselfish this man could ever be with just this fan account. I read and read and read lots of stories of him and so I decided to make a whole tumblr post of it.

So I was on my way on compiling every fan account of Yixing’s fan service at Changsa Airport today when I suddenly stepped on yixingdotjpg’s own post. Sinong tao ang magdadalawang isip na ireblog at ishare tong post na to? I’ve been on tumblr for almost 2 years and a half and believe me (or not) for saying that not a single text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio or video post I had reblogged. Never, but not until today.

REBLOGGED. Only for Yixing. Only for Lay. Only for My Unicorn.

Yixing’s overwhelming love to his fans is questionable at some point. How can a man be this thoughtful, sweet, kind and lovable at the same time? But as a fan of this adorable unicorn, I never had any doubt if these fan accounts wandering on social networking sites were true. Of all the idols of South Korea, Yixing can definitely do those admiring things. He is capable of doing it. He can. He did it by the way.

No manager, no guards, just him. All by himself, he managed to control the crowd and even handled a mini fan signing event for his fans. No words can describe the respect and love I have for this man. I am so honored to stan not just an idol but a man with a beautiful heart. :>

Thank you, Zhang Yixing for showing us how to love and be loved. Bless your soul, My Unicorn.

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there were simply too many fan accounts of him at incheon and changsha airport today and i got tired of tweeting everything, so i decided to compile them into a full tumblr post compilation. 暖男兴 this is all your fault ;__; anyway, enjoy! 

this morning, yixing was at incheon airport alone to catch his flight back to changsha. there were about 20 fans who were at the airport with him, but they didn’t make noise. they just followed behind him quietly.

he thought nobody would know that he was going back this time, but the fans told him that they know, and he was shocked for awhile. fan asked him about his injury and he replied "it’s not that much of a big deal anymore."

however, his flight was delayed due to the fog in changsha. yixing then told the fansite masters to not release any previews, because he didn’t want the fans in changsha to fetch him at the airport, he wanted them to go home to spend time with their family during chinese new year’s eve. if his flight is delayed for too long, fans who waited for him at the airport will miss the reunion dinner with their families, and he will feel bad about it. it already happened once when he missed his flight back during 元宵节, and he doesn’t want the same thing to happen twice again.

hence, the fans listened to him and didn’t release any previews, except for one thai fan. 

at the immigration, yixing thought he lost his passport and started searching for it (some things never change lol). 

shortly after noon, yixing’s plane landed at changsha huanghua international airport.


he was the last to disembark the plane and slowly strolled out with his pink luggage /o\



when he came out of the departure hall, fans started to crowd around him. the first thing he said was "happy new year! have you guys eaten?"

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Can somebody lend me the book? Please .. The trailer itself tears me. :| I wanna know their story before it hits the market. Book or even a PDF file will do. Please? Comment down if you have the file. Thank you in advance! :>

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 No lightstick. No banners. No outfit. No ticket. No plans. 
JUST FAITH. ❤ (Juno Santiago) 

See you on Sunday! :)


No lightstick. No banners. No outfit. No ticket. No plans.

JUST FAITH. ❤ (Juno Santiago)

See you on Sunday! :)

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Hiatus No More

Hello? Is anyone still alive and following this blog? Just asking cos it’s been five months since I posted something relevant in this hide-out of mine (referring to Blue Moon fan account). Months ago I was planning on creating another blog but until now, haven’t had the courage to start though I have ALL my time to make one. And there goes my subconscious self asking this matter:  How will you manage to generate another one if you can’t even deal working this one out? /talktoyourselfmau/

Okay! Sorry, my fault. Well, thanks to my subconscious self for being aware of reality. Good job, Mau! :>

Oh! Haven’t greeted everyone a Happy New Year! \O/ I haven’t even celebrated the 2nd anniversary of this blog. Sorry. :| Yahoo Mail didn’t fail to remind me of the occasion but due to my laziness, yes I was not able to post any related thing to commemorate such event. /sobscosivaluethisblogwithallmyheartbutdidntdoanything/

The purpose of this update is probably not to make any drama or maybe just a little. My intention here is to share my thoughts about the back reading I did a while ago and perhaps starting a new life here, once again. There were LOT of things that happened within the 5 months of my absence like venturing on my supposed to be first job, job interviews here and there, kpop concerts and events, my newest bias group on le list and even those depressing-slash-hopeless-slash-no-one-to-talk-to-slash-alone-and-lonely moments. I want to tell it all! And by doing this one, I think I’m already breaking the silence I made and starting yet again.

A German VIP who I followed on twitter caused me to visit tumblr due to her endless posts (which were directed on twitter) about her trip to Seoul, South Korea and her experiences in attending BIGBANG’s Alpha Concert last January 24-26. Her blog encouraged me to start writing and sharing the thoughts and incidents happening in my life, once again. I was encouraged more by the back reading I did earlier. I was surprised by the stories I engraved in this blog.

Back reading brought me back to my college life. It also brought back the feels I felt during the time I started being hooked in kpop. It took me back to the places I once visited and it even showed me how grateful and appreciative I was back then with just the little things that’s coming in and out of my life. And by the back reading I did, the drive I had for the past two years in running an exclusive personal blog came back.

I want to start again. I want to write not because I need to but because I want to. I want to share the thoughts I have and share it to God-knows-who-reads-it. I know it’s too early to conclude and too vulnerable to say that “Life is compared to a voyage is back” but if it is possible to dig out every energy in every cell of my body just to update and revive this blog, I will definitely do it. :>

So let this post be the start of my comeback, and so on. :>


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If you want to end your one-sided love, the only solution is to confess.

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 kojong80 asked:
Hello, my name is juhee Lee. I’m studying medicine at Korea University. I’m writing a thesis about circumcision culture in Korea and Philippines:) And I’m focusing on mass circumcision in Philippines done by students union. So I need your circumcision photos for my research. I’m sorry to you asking in this way (just googled) and I surprised u know lots of Korean singers. hehe^^ Could u give me your photos?

Hello there! Sorry for the late response. :) Anyway, it would be a great pleasure to me for you to use my photos; especially you, a Korean National. Hehehe :”) Just go ahead and use them. And thank you for asking me first before getting them. Hm. Can I ask you a question? :”>

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Once in a Blue Moon [Part 2]

Guess who owns those big cars …

It was raining so hard last Friday night at Manila but that didn’t stop us to forego on our next destination. We heard the news that right after CNBLUE’s Press Conference at SM MegaMall, they’ll have their rehearsal at the Big Dome. As determined fan girls, we headed immediately to Cubao and sneaked around the concert venue.

I and Cza, together with 4 other fan girls roam around the Big Dome and assessed the place for any gate or entrance that we could enter. When we were at the green gate, a group of students (yes, they’re still wearing their uniforms) approached as and asked if we’ll gonna stalk the boys. Straight away, we answered yes and booyah! New friends on the list! :)

With the drive we have to see CNBLUE, we asked every guard and staff we see around the area if the korean boyband was already inside. We received various answers from them like they weren’t there, they’re at their hotel and some even say that they’re at the MYX Studio doing an interview. Of course we didn’t believe them ‘cause they’re too obvious with their bluffing. :”) But there’s this Manong Guard who led us to the right parking area telling us that the boys were already rehearsing inside. Many thanks to this considerate guard for helping us with our fangirling job. Kudos Manong! :”>

We settled at the parking area at approximately 6 pm. As you can see at the picture, those cars are owned by the CNBLUE team. :”) We waited and waited and waited and waited … Finally after almost 1 and a half hour, the gate that separates the parking area to the concert area, opened! 2 cars left the area with a motorcycle as their lead. As soon as we saw that these cars are being convoyed, we immediately thought that it was them who are inside those cars (by the way, their cars are too tinted so we weren’t able to verify if it was them or not). But the fact the that these cars are being convoyed, SHOOT! It was them! It was really disappointing ‘cause they didn’t even make any fan service like opening the window cars for us. -.- Our energy dropped instantly from that incident.

But after getting into our senses, we found out that there were still 3 cars and 1 motorcycle left at the parking lot. Thinking that some members were still inside the area, we stayed for a while. :”> We confirmed this strong feeling by asking one of the staffs who spoke to us and said that 2 members left but the other 2 stayed. This made us really happy, indeed! It raised our hopes to the extent that we waited for about 2 hours more. :”>

At exactly, 9:30 pm, the gates where opened again and the motorcycle was already in motion. Yaaaay! This is it! :”)) We waited for so long for us to have a short glimpse of these boys. Dun.. dun .. dun.. dun.. The car is getting near to us … but T.T

Yeah. The moment the cars passed by, a sudden dropped in energy happened, AGAIN. T.T No movements from the windows and because their cars are so tinted, all we saw is our reflections. T.T

We were like … O.O What happened guys? Sila ba ‘yun? O.O We were all in shocked. For a moment, no one spoke. Seems like all of us were dumbfounded. T.T Haaaaaaaaay. Fan girling is very hard. Like super hard! >.<

After the last batch of cars left the parking area, we also left the place. Yes, we haven’t got to see them in a super near view but the experience I had was unforgettable. This is my fist time to ever do such kind of thing. My own way of stalking just happens between me and my laptop but not the way I stalk this time. Aside from the feeling of being with your idols in one place, I think what made this experience more memorable is that, I met and had a real time talk with some of the fan girls who were with us. This girl sharing her experience with Alive Tour and that girl with her DKFC experience. They even shared how they stalked to airports and how they manage to follow their idols at their hotels and so on … Their stories really amused me. Also, we were like some kind of retards talking about our biases. ^^ The feeling is really mutual! Haha :”>

The hours we spent in that parking area maybe a waste to others but for me, even we weren’t able to see any member of CNBLUE, I think it was worth it. This is truly one of memories I can keep as a fangirl. :”> 

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Once in a Blue Moon [Part 1]

It’s been two weeks since that nerve wrecking event happened. Seriously, I haven’t moved on from it. T.T Why do they have to be this awesome? Right?  Okay. Okay. So this post is probably a fan account of what happened last June 14, 2013. I know you already have the idea on who I am pointing at. This is my first time to write such one (though I’ve been to various K-Pop concerts and events), so please bear with me Boices. Jebal? :) Kamsahamnida! :”> 

So the story goes like …

It was last Friday, June 14, 2013 when CNBLUE held their Open Press Conference at Event Center, SM Mega Mall. This is also the date of their arrival in the Philippines. This event is a great opportunity to every Boice (especially those who will not attend the Blue Moon Concert) to see  Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Minhyuk and Jungshin in flesh. The three floors of the said mall were packed with fan girls and fan boys waiting for the much anticipated press conference.

Here’s the actual poster of the said event:image

Fortunately, I was able to attend this once in a lifetime incident. I am from Pampanga, a province outside Manila. It will take me about 2 hours of travel from my place to the city. The event is said to start at around 2 in the afternoon. Definitely, thousands of fans will gather and be at the venue before 2 pm. We decided to travel earlier so we can have a good place to stay in. In fact, we arrived at SM MegaMall at 8 in the morning; that’s 6 hours ahead of the time. :”) Oh, I was with my friend, Cza this time. She’s one of my buddies in every K-Pop event here in our country. 

At 8 am…

My expectation: A long line of people waiting for the mall to open.

Reality: Approximately, 30 people were waiting at the entrance gate of the mall.

I was like, YEAH! \m/ Not too late! :”)) 

As soon as we arrived, we took a short rest and lined-up at the entrance gate. Since I and Cza left Pampanga early in the morning, we didn’t take our breakfast; we left our precious line and ate at McDonald’s. I think the hunger we felt led us to a better place. :”“))

Since McDonald’s is part of the mall, we found another means of getting inside in a faster way! Great right? :) Haha After finding this one out, we stayed there until 10 am (opening time of the mall). Of course, it wasn’t only us who were waiting at the said fast food. We were with some fans and I guess our number is definitely less than those waiting at the main entrance.

As we wait, we thought of various tactics for us to get to the Event Center faster. If you could picture us, we were like some kind of a gang who’s going to fight for a battle, literally! Because we know that at the moment the mall opens, it will be like one hell of a marathon! You ran fast, absolutely you can be at the finest place to be. :”>

At exactly 10 am, gates were opened! From there you can witness an intense competition of fan girls and fan boys trying to reach the venue faster! Cza and I parted ways the moment they opened the mall. :| I ran on my own and took the stairs. I saw Cza taking the escalator, so I thought she reached the venue first but it turned out to be the other way around. The moment I reached the ground floor, the line wasn’t that long. I didn’t line up and I looked for Cza knowing that she’s in the front line. I was too busy looking for her so I didn’t notice that the crowd was getting bigger and bigger. After 5 mins, I saw her at the middle of the long line and we stayed at her place.

There are these two girls, whom we met at McDonald’s who were also Boices. We have this kind of conversation where in whoever gets in the line first, we’ll text each other and save places for each. We looked for them and we saw Tria who is very near at the entrance of the Event Center. She was surrounded by several people so I and Cza looked for some opportunity to make *singit. Haha! And yes, we did it! :”) We were on the first batch that entered the venue (which is enclosed by steel barricades). 

At first I thought we found the best position to be. But heeeeeeey, I think it was the opposite. t.t I was nearly at the first 3rd row of the line from the division of the press and the fans. Perfect right? But as soon people were getting inside the venue, the people from the back kept on pushing and pushing. The guards asked us to sit, a better idea so people will not push any longer and can settle at their places. But some people couldn’t follow the simple instruction. :|

As time passes, more people gathered at the venue so more people were able to enter the closed space. The pushing from the back kept on. This time I couldn’t breathe normally. I couldn’t handle the situation any longer so I left my place and find other location to stay. I found a better place at the 3rd floor. I think it was 100 times better than the first one. In here, I can move freely without interrupting others at my back and also, I have a greater view of the stage. :”> 

Here’s a photo that I took when I was at the third floor already. 


That red circle you see there was my first location. t.t Perfect as you may think but I tell you, it wasn’t. kekeke :P

I was on the third floor and Cza chose to stay at the ground floor.

Before the actual Press Conference, some games were provided by Ms. Kring Elenzano to boost the energy of the crowd. Prizes are of course, tickets for the concert! :”))

Take a look how the fans filled up the area! 




Amazing Boices right? :”> CNBLUE hasn’t arrived in yet at these photos but look at the crowd! O.O


Ms. Kring Elenzano was joined by Ms. Jinri Park on stage after the games. They kept on asking the crowd to stay calm especially those people inside the enclosed area. From my view from above, I witnessed how hard it was for the security to control the crowd. The organizers even said that if ever the Korean Staffs saw that the security of the place is too weak to handle the event, they would cancel it. Sino bang gusto na icancel and event dba? -.-

After waiting for the longest time, at 3 pm the crowd went wilder! CNBLUE has arrived! :”)))))) I was on the third floor and I can see everything that is happening below us. If you could see how intense and extreme the reaction of the crowd is, it seems like the security will collapse anytime; poor people at the ground floor for experiencing such hardship. Grateful that I left my location and settled at a much better place. KYAAA~~

I was filming their arrival as they went inside their tent but the girl beside me doesn’t know how to control her emotions and she’s waving her hands from side to side so I decided not to record anymore and just focus my eyes on them. Haha


They went first to the backstage before going to the stage. And this man with silver shoes kept on teasing the crowd. He’s showing his shoe leaving the crowd with more and more anticipation. Honestly I thought that it was Jungshin’s. I won’t spoil you here so you can have your guess for a moment. Let’s see if you can guess it right. Haha








 I guess you know now, who’s that bubbly member who teased the fans before getting up at the stage. It’s Yonghwa! :”> Clap! Clap!

CNBLUE greeted the crowd with a great ambiance! I was shaking from my place as I saw them in flesh! :”))) Yonghwa stretched his both hands like he was receiving all the energy of the crowd! Haha And the moment they said their names, asdjfhsdjfhsdjfhsjdfhsdjfh!

“Ako si Junghin!”

“Ako si Jonghyun!”

“Ako si Yonghwa!”

Ako si Minhyuk!”

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. My consciousness left me for a second on that moment! Oh God, thank You for reviving me!  :”)) 

Jungshin, the last to get on the stage but he was the one who caught all my attention! He was so freaking handsome! :””))) Never thought that he was this gooooood! Not to mention his movements while on stage. He seems like he wanted to dance or something. Haha. So energetic like ever!

Jonghyun is the quite type. He was like just seating there and glancing through his environment, observing everyone.  He even only answered a question and left all the rest to his members. His meekness really is killing me! Grrrrr.

No doubt that Yonghwa is the leader. You can actually notice how he carries his members on stage. He sang a few lines of I’m Sorry and viola, all ovaries explodes! That really blew me away! :””)

I always see Minhyuk as a cheerful one but not like what I saw him during the press con. He owns this special loveliness that no one can portray not as much as he holds. He’s definitely lovelier in person. :”>

Before the press con ends, a surprise birthday mission was accomplished for the birthday boy, Yonghwa! :”> Saengil Chukhahamnida Oppa~~ Mission Successed: A birthday cake plus a birthday song from the crowd. KYAAA~~

I wasn’t able to capture the birthday mission ‘cause I was busy singing for Yonghwa. Haha

More photos:








A not so usual Press Conference took place. Questions were posed but the crowd really was a big problem. The press people were not seating anymore and their huge cameras were so near to CNBLUE. People from the moshpit literally have taken half of the space from the press people. This explains the photo above.

Above everything that happened, it was an amazing experience for me. Though it wasn’t that perfect (talking about the security), I just hope that no one was hurt severely from the crowd.

Seeing CNBLUE in flesh is extremely exceptional. And yes, another dream was fulfilled again. Thank You Lord! :”>

By the way, my journey doesn’t end here. I have lots of kwento to you guys. Watch out for my Part 2 and 3 of my CNBLUE spree. Thank You for reading! :”> 

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